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Reflective Football LED Training Soccer No. 5 No. 4 Soccer ball

Reflective Football LED Training Soccer No. 5 No. 4 Soccer ball

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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

Inflatable: No

Material: PU

Material: PU

feature: Reflective Football

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Support 2: Wholesale

100% brand new, high quality.
1. The air nozzle adopts a unique anti-leakage design.
2. At night, the unique lighting effect is very cool.
3. Provide A Unique Gift: You may have never seen a football like this, and any football fan you know will be surprised by its unique holo graphic appearance.

Bullet Points

1、Light-emitting Principle: The glowing part of the sphere is designed with high-tech fluorescent materials. As long as there is a light source, it can shine at night, such as in the sunlight, lights, flashlights, mobile phone flashes and so on.In the bright light uniform irradiation for a few minutes can shine for 1-3 hours.
2、High Quality: This ball is notof these cheap toys that will only last a couple of days. It plays just like a normal soccer ball.It is made from high-quality materials, safe and environmentally friendly, durable, if not man-made or accidental damage, the service life of at least five years.
3、LED Light: With the use of battery LED light football comparison.(1) this football does not need a battery, as long as the light or ultra violet radiation, in the dark can be bright, energy conservation, environmental protection, affordable. (2) LED football relies on battery light, there is a spontaneous combustion or explosions hazard, we rely on light shine football will not have such a hazard.
4、2 Sizes: Precision engraved line, good airtightness, 2 sizes to choose. No. 4 ball (for 5-7 players), No. 5 ball (for regular 11 players).
5、Great Holiday Gift: It can be used as a normal game or training ball, and can also be used for performance. It's a great gift for children.I think a child who likes football, when the birthday party, open the gift box, is a bright football, is absolutely very big surprise.


Material: PU
Color as shown
The diameter of the No. 5 ball is about 21.5cm/8.46 inch, suitable for regular 11-man system over 12 years old.
No. 4 ball is about 19cm/7.48 inch in diameter, suitable for children aged 5 to 12.
Luminescence principle: after the fluorescent material absorbs light, it is placed in a dark place to emit fluorescence.

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